"Just like in Bangkok..."

Pitaya Thai Restaurant

Bangkok's street food

Authentic, colourful and creative cuisine, fresh and healthy produce and stylish decor: this is Pitaya’s recipe for an incredible and immersive Thai dining experience. 

At Pitaya you will find the spirit of the streets of Bangkok, the aromas that emanate from the small traditional street food stalls, the colours of the fresh produce, the precise gestures of the chefs, and the effervescence of Thailand. Everything is playing out in front of your eyes and your nose. It’s like you’re there …

Passionate about Thai cuisine and on the strength of his many travels in Thailand, K. Guclu creates a place that reflects this colorful street culture: aromas and flavours emerge from the woks where meat, fish and fresh vegetables are transformed in front of the customers. Pitaya is a real culinary show, an authentic invitation to travel, an immersion in the heart of Bangkok.

A kitchen show just like over there

You walk in the streets of Bangkok, you see the carts pulled by mopeds, the small stores, a small restaurant on every corner, the perfumes attract you and spark your appetite, the spicy flavors mix and awaken your taste buds. Your gaze is irrevocably captured by the show, the bustle of these busy chefs in front of their woks, you enter this warm and colourful atmosphere, where everyone comes to enjoy themselves, in simplicity and authenticity. This is the Pitaya atmosphere.

Meticulously selected fresh produce

Thai food is naturally good for your health in the sense that it uses raw ingredients that are simply blended, spiced up and embellished. No fuss at Pitaya. You can pronounce the names of all our ingredients, and all our chefs cook in front of you, in complete transparency.

Thai street food know-how

Authentic Thai cuisine has a strong identity. Harmoniously scented, the balance of flavours is always right.

For example, the roasted peanut notes of the famous Pad Thai are counterbalanced by a tangy lime and a salty soy sauce to give it character. Fresh, crisp vegetables are also found in all recipes, bringing that freshness that peps and dominates every dish.

Thai street food has many standards, which start with the love of good food, skillfully prepared and combined. Tradition and creativity are the characteristics of Pitaya’s cuisine.

Friendly and fast service

Far from the atmosphere of some fast-food restaurants, Pitaya gives you a warm welcome and quality service.

In Bangkok, even in the hustle and bustle of the streets, laughter and smiles are the order of the day. Pitaya offers a bowl preparation cooked in the wok before your very eyes, so you can see what goes into your meal and how it’s cooked.

The service is fast, but it is attentive, personalised, and of a high standard. We want our restaurants to be welcoming places where you feel like you are at the crossroads of good energy, to savour carefully concocted dishes. 

Hygiene beyond reproach

Pitaya has put in place very strict hygiene standards and a dedicated team ensures compliance with these standards through permanent controls in each of our restaurants. Regular audits are carried out by an external and independent body.